Friday, July 9, 2010

It's working

It's working!
The small town effect has taken hold and is working it's wonders on the bedrock of my heart.
I thing it might have been the 4Th of July parade and the city band concerts in the park gazing up at pink clouds laying on green grass, the walks into town on warm summer nights, the unfussy streets or maybe the short 30 minute drive to white water rafting & fishing, forest trails and rivers and lakes, or the good people who are unconcerned with your financial status and smile easy and can lean against a pick up and talk for an hour or five.

Small town life has a lot going for it. There is time to think and imagine a new way to live life.
In Ashland there are others who are actively pursuing changes like this one.
It's a town on the edge of two states and was founded by the very type of folks who wanted something new and needed to create a way to support their dream.
I guess I'm doing the same thing and if things go really well I might even find a way to stay, if I can make a living here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it better , more meaningful, to make the audience laugh or cry?
This question was posed to me today.
When discussing how to most deeply effect the connection with your audience.

In the our American culture, do we not try to talk people out of their tears and sadness?
Trying to console and sooth the one who is crying.

How often do we go ahead and cry with the person?

There is much sadness in the world and surely there is much to be joyous about.

We could not exist for long within the dark sadness of a morbid sorrow and long suffering.
With out joy there can be no courage.
And without courage there could be no will to live.
The croaking frog must have courage to pursue happiness in his frog like fashion, and croak through the night.
Even though he risks it all to Kitt foxes and skunks.
He sings out of pure joy.

But is there anything more mournful and sad than the drunken false laughter from the bar room or the exaggerated bellowing uproars from that table in the restaurant where people had come with such high hopes and leave somber and with that glum taint of something lost to that meal which had promised so many things.
Our world is changing and all around us we can see and feel the transition.
Many of are compelled to give up many of their positions and possessions.
Forced by change to exercise letting go and practice indifference to material possessions.

So somewhere we ask our selves is this a joke or is the world really such a hard and cruel place?
Maybe it is neither.
Maybe there is no detachment necessary.
Maybe life just is and needs no explanation.

Just a thought
Thank you all, I'll be here until Thursday.. Good night.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Uruguay and beyond

Defrost the fridge and see what you find.
Ah yes the end of another winter and everything is growing.
There are things going on out there friends.

I was flat on my back for the last couple of weeks. Hernia operations are nothing to sneeze at.
In fact sneezing is pretty hard to do without a jolt of pain after the knife 14 days ago.
But now I have emerged from the tome.
Pale faced and a little wobbly I took my first jog this morning.

Uruguay was a eye opening experience.
Squeezed between the two megs countries Brazil/Argentina It turns out Uruguay is a tasty morsel in a Goliath thumb and forefinger of the most formidable So. American territorys.
It is a miracle it has not been swallowed up like a little M&M as an afterthought amidst such powerful influences.
In a word it's a gem of the continent and land which is like the people 'Tranquilla'
Rolling green grazing land as far as the eye can see. Not over run by people trying to survive.
But spacious and fresh open and friendly.
A language which does not sound like Spanish but is.
It's a language which feels like the place and voice which sings loving acceptance and easy living.

It was my great fortune to make acquaintance with many of the good working folks.
From all around the country and the So American continent.
The regular people using their soul and wits to make a living and give of them selves.
Once again reminding me how good people around the world really are.
These experiences vanquishes my doubts about if we as a human race will be OK or not.

Friday, May 14, 2010


--> Malibu High school student is cited for street surfing.
--> Despite divided opinions, City council votes to reduce number of seats in proposed theater by half.
--> 'John Arnold gets his Toyota running', amid great turmoil plans to sleep in Westlake tonight.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why the pit stop in Malibu?

On Pt. Dume fabricating and installing "Best Raised Beds" for clients -- these architectural drawings are screen designs for our Critter Control package.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010